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Who Are We?


We are ordinary people, relentlessly optimistic that we can bring about lasting change in our world.


Our goal is provide resources to the developing world for sustainable economic development in the future.


We work hard to make sure contributions go directly to the projects we support.


We are constantly looking for new organizations to learn about, be mentored by, or partner with

One Sparrow is a non-profit organization working to reduce homelessness and extreme poverty around the world.

We provide funds and resources to impact lives in the areas of health, education, and employment.

Since our inception in 2013, we have sought to develop a long-term, sustainable solution while reaching out to local leaders and global organizations to gain lessons learned from those on the ground.

What we found was one core truth; any lasting impact has to be focused on education.

Our Mission is to provide sustainable solutions to undeveloped communities. Our vision is to provide better access to resources and education around the world.

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Serving Sante

Provided the funds to acquire medical furnishing and equipment to outfit their new surgical clinic facility


Home International

Provided funds for the installation of emergency preparedness equipment and outdoor kitchens for 10 of the homes on the property.



Provided funds for the acquisition of the land for the orphanage to be built on.