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Join our community of monthly donors bringing education to people in need.

The IMPRINT Project is a community of monthly givers determined to address global poverty through education around the world. Impassioned people like you are taking a stand to address the crisis of access to education in our lifetime.

Its about leaving a forever mark on this world.

The IMPRINT Project is about feeling a part of the work that we do and the lives we touch. In joining this community of world changers, we want you to feel excited, connected, and empowered. Here’s what you can expect when you join.

Real people, real impact

We have an opportunity to forever change the trajectory of the lives of children all over this world, each of which have ideas and dreams which we have yet to see. Access to quality education raises the entire community and creates opportunity for lasting economic development.

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One Sparrow Website Image

Hope restored

Every parent wants a better future for their children than their own. But it’s hard to remain hopefully in generational and geographic poverty. These projects bring knowledge and resources that these parents never dreamed possible. It brings hope for a future long thought loss.

The Mark

The Mark is a monthly impact report that we send via email to share stories from our projects and show the importance of your contribution in the lives of our community of families.

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There’s a spot for you

This is a community of passionate and determined people – like you – leveraging our collective resources, knowledge, and experience to change the world. We can’t wait to connect with you and share this mission with you.

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