Our Team

Our Team

Solitaire Carroll


Solitaire Carroll is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of One Sparrow. She is passionate about showing how radical kindness and relentless optimism can change the world one relationship at a time. Solitaire's heart beats for One Sparrow, our volunteers, our partnerships, and the communities we partner with. If you can't catch her passion after speaking with her for 5 mins, give her another 10 :) Solitaire leads One Sparrow in the daily operation and execution of all projects locally and internationally.

JR Carroll


Jeffrey "JR"s vision for One Sparrow began when he went on a missions trip to Haiti and saw the incredible need for better access to medicine and education. Since that initial trip, he and Solitaire created an organization to make a change in the communities of Haiti. He has an incredible strategic vision for lasting economic development and community capacity building around the world. He currently serves as a board member on One Sparrow's Board of Directors.

Courtney Conroe

Executive Assitant

What can we not say about Courtney... Courtney brings passion, excellence, and execution in everything she does. As our executive assistant she supports our executive staff, she collaborates with our vendors locally, and she maintains our communication with our partners out of country. Courtney is a graduate from Ithaca college and has a great passion for law and policy. She is an invaluable member of our team.

Ellen Gardener


Ellen joined One Sparrow as a volunteer about 4 years ago and has supported our organization through multiple events over the years. Ellen, the forever student and teacher, has multiple degrees from Tuskegee University and over 12 years of educating students in K-12 curriculum. As education advisor, Ellen works with our project teams to develop programming and curriculum. Ellen's love and passion for education encourages and inspires our team to make an impact with our education initiatives.

Hovard Guerrier

Haiti Program Manager

Hovard joined our team in October 2018 and has been an incredible addition to the team since. As a native Haitian, Hovard has an incredible vision for the people of Haiti and a passionate belief for the work that we are trying to do locally. Hovard has a background in sustainable farming and agriculture and is the owner of the Haiti Compost Business based in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Hovard oversees several of our agriculture based projects around Cap Haitien and Limbe, to include the school community garden center program.

Nina Guilford


Nina is part of the founding members of One Sparrow. A native Haitian, Nina truly believes that One Sparrow has the potential to make a positive, long-lasting impact on her home country.  As our coordinator of in-country logistics, Nina makes sure that each team trip to Haiti goes as smoothly as possible. Nina's heart for Haiti and unique perspective is at the core of One Sparrow, we couldn't do it without her.

Jennifer Naqvi


Jen is our resident unicorn and agriculture advisor. As the owner of Oh So Go Organics, Jen has created her own line of 100% organic herb + botanical infused handcrafted apothecary skincare. Her passion for sustainable sourced materials and her hands on knowledge of agriculture based entrepreneurship have made her consult and guidance an impactful resource for our partners and students in Haiti. Jen's infectious spirit has been an inspiration to our partners on the possibilities of sustainable farming and small business development.

Erica Rowe


Erica has been a part of One Sparrow since our inaugural event in 2013 and has been at the core of the organization ever since. Erica's passion for people and for making authentic connections has allowed One Sparrow to grown exponentially in our local community and with international partnerships. Erica's love for her family and her friends spills over into everything she attacks and Erica's heart and spirit sets the tone of all of our volunteer events and meetings.